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Professor David Gabel

David Gabel is a Professor of Economics at the City University of New York.  David’s areas of specialization include telecommunications, energy, the competitive market process, and anti-trust.  His research focuses on the efficiency gains from competition, the deployment of broadband services, actions that impede rivalry, and how regulatory processes in some cases promote, and other times impede, rivalry. 

David has undertaken studies of market definition and market power in various jurisdictions, including the United States, Bermuda and New Zealand.  In NZ, David provided expert economic analysis for the Commerce Commission in relation to its successful section 36 action against Telecom NZ on the pricing of data tails.  He has also worked on access pricing in many jurisdictions, including the pricing of retail gas and electric services in Massachusetts, and the price of numerous retail and wholesale telecommunications services in those jurisdictions, and elsewhere. In all of his work, he brings to the task a knowledge of the relevant economic literature, as well as a solid understanding of the cost structure of the industries, and the pricing strategies of firms operating in competitive and non-competitive markets.

His work has appeared in various journals, including The Journal of Economic History, Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Law and Policy, Federal Communications Law Journal, and Telecommunications Policy.  He has also co-authored monographs on the cost structure of the telecommunications industry and the regulatory policies of the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  He is the co-editor of Opening Networks to Competition: The Regulation and Pricing of Access (Kluwer 1998).

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